"It is with great pleasure that I inform you of the talents of Coach Greg Short. He is a true leader and pioneer in the field of pitching biomechanics, arm care and health, and velocity improvement.  Coach Short has produced many elite level pitchers from his coaching.  I have seen many of his players get gains of over 10mph and go from unremarkable pitchers to viable Division 1 recruits.  In addition, his program is so effective, it is the basis on which we run our pitching program at Sacred Heart University. His protocols are crucial to how I coach my pitchers!"   Wayne Mazzoni, Pitching Coach, Sacred Heart University.

Brian Gilbert, Minnesota Twins

"Thanks to Greg Short and the BioPitch Velocity Development and Arm Care Program I was able to further my career past high school and college, my fastball spiked nearly 6mph from the previous season and I felt stronger than ever and was able to stay healthy!"

Phil Cundari, Toronto Blue Jays MiLB Pitching Coach, 2011 National Pitching Coach of the Year

"Few pitching instructors are as passionate and professional, fewer care more for the overall development of the pitcher than Greg Short"


Jose Lopez, Cinicinnati Reds
“I signed up for Coach Short’s Velocity Development Camp a few years back after being told about it by a teammate that completed it the year before. I didn’t know what to expect and had very high hopes that the program would help me throw harder. Both the throwing routine and the workouts were very intense and specific to my goal to throw harder. My initial velocity was 82mph and by the end of camp my fastball jumped an amazing 9mph up to 91mph! Even more impressive is that I was able to keep this velocity throughout the spring season. I went from an unrecruited high school senior to signing a baseball scholarship to Seton Hall University and later a 6th round draft pick of the Cincinnati Reds! This program really works, I’m so happy that I did it!”
​Jose Lopez, MLB pitcher Cincinnati Reds
Jim Carone Head Coach Wagner University

"I have known Greg Short for over 15 years now and he is one of the best pitching minds around.  I enjoy talking pitching and constantly gain new ideas from him and his staff each and every year.  I have seen his work up close and how he is able to get the most out of his pitchers.  This past year, we implemented the BioPitch Velocity Program into our off season training.  Our pitchers bought into and fell in love with the program. We ended the season ranked 1st in our Conference in Team ERA.  I believe a large part of our success this season was due to Coach Short's training program.  We will continue to use BioPitch's training methods and innovative ideas for years to come!"

2015 update- "one of our pitchers topped 100mph during only the second week of Coach Short's program, a gain of over 4mph!"

Al Aguero, father of Justin Willis (Vanderbilt commit)

My son, Justin Willis, has been working with BioPitch for over three years now.  After the summer of 2013, USA Baseball recommended that we find a pitching program for Justin and BioPitch was the best around.  Justin has completed 2 Velocity Programs at BioPitch and now in his third.  After the completioin of his first program in 2013, Justin's velocity went from 80-86mph, after the the second in 2014, his velocity went from 86-91mph.  Thanks to the work with BioPitch, Justin was selected to the 2014 15u Team USA 40 man roster and already selected to the 2016 17u Team USA NTDP 40 man roster.  Finally, after the end of his sophomore year and a strong performance at the 2015 Underclass Area Code Games, Justin committed to Vanderbilt University, the #1 baseball program/university in the US! We cannot thank BioPitch enough for the development of Justin and helping him reach his full potential thus far in his career.


Albert Aguero



John Wells, Director of Baseball U, Associate Scout Seattle Mariners


You are doing an amazing job with the pitchers in the Shore area. As we both have experienced pitching injuries while we were playing there is more to pitching that picking up a baseball to start a season. You are providing the players great insight and understanding as well as the proper preparation to become a competitive pitcher. Perhaps things would have been different for us if we had something like what you are providing for these young hopefuls. Keep up the great work and please feel free to stop by any of our games at Baseball U over the summer.


Lee Mrowicki, Scout/Chicago Cubs and former minor league manager

" With his constant desire for knowledge, Greg Short has developed into one of America's most talented and influencial instructors in the art of pitching a baseball. Greg Short somehow, someway knows more about pitching than even I do. He has taken pitching instruction to a new level of excellence and results.  He has very strong analytical skills and he can prevent future problems... and he knows from first hand experience as a prospect that the Cubs were going to sign until injury cut his career short. Simply put, he knows his stuff... even I listen to what he has to say. He has done extensive research and is eager to share his vast knowledge.  If I  was a young aspiring pitcher or an experienced hurler or a parent looking for a good and knowledgeable instructor for my player-- there is no one else I would trust an arm to than Greg Short."


Lee Mrowicki, Scout/Chicago Cubs - former minor league manager

Dan Mooney, Baseball Factory Inc, Player Development/Life Skills Director, former catcher Boston Red Sox

“I have known Shorty for over 20yrs now and consider him one of the best baseball minds in the game. We have worked and coached together several times over those years and his knowledge of the game and pitching mechanics is exceptional. He brings with him a great amount experience not only as a former player but as a coach. I have and will continue to recommend my players to him for instruction.”



Michael Maguire, former National Pitching Association Pitching Coach

"Greg, as you have discussed baseball is filled with negative people, focusing on negative criticism in a sport where failure is more the norm.  It is refreshing to meet someone that is focusing on the positive and reinforcing the science of the game. Giving the young athlete a tool kit to try and allow them to understand why they are doing somethings on the mound is a rare coaching approach. Coachisms like "bend your back...come over the top....and just throw strikes" are the best coaching techniques the majority of folks focus on. You have helped my son and many kids feel better about what it is they are doing on the mound. By breaking down the process you have allowed the pitcher, parent and coach to all be on the same page. Being a pitcher is hard work and there needs to be a lot of preparation.  I appreciate the time, energy and effort you have dedicated to helping kids in the Shore be better in all aspects of  pitching.  Keep up the good work.



Quin Bond, Manager-BioKinetics of NJ, Motion Analysis Services

"One of the most important aspects of Greg's pitching instruction to his athletes is injury prevention.  Like a physician, Greg's first goal is 'Do no harm'.  This is apparent from Greg's development of Transitional Programs to help Little Leaguer's adjust from the Little League mound to the High School mound.  Unfortunately too many young pitchers jump to the greater mound distance without properly preparing themselves for the increased distance.  Greg realizes that good biomechanics, a solid in-season and off-season training plan, and good functional strength are all part of the foundation for a successful pitching career."