Our Philosophies

What makes Biopitch the best choice for pitcher training?


We continue to lead the Tri-State Area by testing and providing athletes with the latest technology such as being the first in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the US to utilize Rapsodo cameras as well as the Motuls sleeve and Marc Pro recovery units so that we can take accumulated personalized data, measure and construct an individualized improvement plan for each athlete. We don't cookie-cut, or copy other programs and implement them, we've spent over 20 years developing ours, understanding that it's about the WHY and not the WHAT. 

Up until recently, the world of pitching relied heavily on opinion-based theories and conventional wisdoms. Unfortunately these so-called “wisdoms” have been leading us down the path to ineffectiveness, inconsistency, and the increased probability of injury. Included in these philosophies are:

· Use a glide step

· Stay back

· Stop at the top

· Pull your glove to your hip or armpit

· Replace your shoulders

· Come to a balance point before going to home plate

· Drag your foot on a changeup

· Snap or twist the curveball

· RHP should throw from the right side of the rubber and LHP the left side

However, thanks to the use of modern technology and endless hours of scientific research and clinical studies by the American Sports Medicine Institute in conjunction with the National Pitching Association and BioKinetics 3D Motion Capture, we can definitively prove that the theories previously mentioned are not based on science, nor do they add to a pitcher’s ability to throw a baseball efficiently. Conversely, these teaching methods will increase the risk of injury. Isn’t that what we all want to avoid? Shouldn’t injury prevention be paramount to wins and strikeouts?

The findings of the aforementioned people and organizations have provided us with a set of guidelines on how to train the human body to throw a baseball most effectively and efficiently without “cookie-cutting.” Baseball is no longer a spring/summer sport. Our children are playing on multiple teams for a duration of nearly 9 months out of the year. Proper year long training is mandatory in order to ensure that our children are being pro-active in the prevention of injury while competing at their highest levels.



Kinesiology is the study of human motion and looks at the muscles and joint actions as it applies to sport skill and technique. It allows us to understand and describe movements, key actions necessary for efficient movement, what muscles do what in the performance of the sport skill, and basically everything that involves understanding how sport motion can be most effective. Biomechanics is a specialized field of Kinesiology that deals with the factors that are physics related: speed, acceleration, levers, and force.

By applying scientific laws, sport scientists have come up with accurate descriptions and angles that should occur within efficient pitching mechanics. It is only by comparing your pitching to these sets of standards that you can understand what needs to be changed to make your pitching more effective. Additionally, knowledge of the key role of each muscle during each part of the pitching motion allows us to understand what specific movements need to be made more powerful in order to improve the pitch velocity.

Biopitch will perform a functional analysis of your pitching which is a systematic observation and assessment of the quality of your performance based on the above-mentioned principles. The purpose of this scientific approach is to create the most appropriate intervention to improve you and move you in the direction of optimal velocity, accuracy, and consistency. Scientific teaching methods complete the cycle from the diagnosis and intervention to the solutions.

The Functional Analysis requires the integrated use of information from the following areas:
•Exercise Physiology
•Structural Kinesiology
•Motor Control & Development
•Sport Psychology
•Sports Medicine

How Biopitch will work gathering the information? You can expect the most integrated approach to the analysis, game plan, and intervention for the solutions to your pitching issues. You can also expect the same level of tremendous results that have been reported by players at all levels of baseball. The solutions will provide immediate results as well as give you a roadmap for your continuous progress over the coming years.

Biopitch’s pitcher training protocol is a one of a kind proven compilation that includes data driven individualized programming utilizing state of the art technology, biomechanical drills for performance mastery, functional fitness/flexibility assessment and training, mental/emotional preparation, recovery cycle education, and college placement counseling.
















If you agree to train with us/work for us or initiate any contact whatsoever, you are agreeing that we can use your name/image/conversational subject matter to advertise/promote/validate our programs/training/travel teams in a positive manner and simultaneously discredit/criticize/identify any reproducing/copying/poaching of our training content, training methodologies, protocols etc. Any attempt by any individual/party/travel program or its' affiliates to violate any of the above terms can be legally held liable. Sorry, there are some really bad people out there and we need to protect what is ours......

If you agree to play for any of our travel baseball teams, you are agreeing to play/train with us for the duration of one calendar year, we do not delineate/divide the year into Spring/Summer/Fall, payment in full is your recognition and compliance of these terms. Player and parents must conduct themselves in a professional manner and display good character and appropriate behavior at all times, both on and off the field. Failure to comply will be grounds for immediate dismissal at the coaching staff's discretion, no refunds of any kind will be awarded for either behavior determined unsatisfactory or leaving prior to honoring your agreement to fulfill your annual obligation, which runs from winter workouts until the culmination of the final scheduled event.