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I could not have asked more from Coach Short and Biopitch. I came to him with mechanical problems while my velocity had dropped considerably. Within 4 weeks he had me throwing better then I ever did in my life. Coach Short never took off a lesson either. He was ready every Saturday morning at 630 AM. I could not be were I am right now without Greg. I recommended Coach Short to any parent or any player who wants to improve there pitching skills.
Ryan Harvey, Texas Rangers
Hi Greg,
Shawn Santos here. You and Ryan Harvey have helped my son Matthew with a several training sessions this past year.
I just wanted to express a tremendous THANK YOU to the both of you.
Matthew is on fire this year and I have to give you guys a ton of the credit (and I do, to anyone that will listen)!
I’ve coached Matt for many years and he’s always been one of our best pitchers but had arm issues (elbow) from time to time, had trouble with command at times, etc. I knew he needed more help than I could give him.
After your initial video and critiques and subsequent trainings, Matt is having a great year. He is in 8 grade now and is one of the Captains on his school team and also plays on a very competitive travel team (Monmouth Tornadoes).
You and Ryan helped him with his technique and added a change-up giving him a nice repertoire.
Matt is 4-0 on his school team and averaging 8 strike-outs a game. He is the “ace” on his school team and his travel team now too. His arm is doing very well and I monitor his pitch count weekly.
So many people have commented to me about how much he’s grown as a pitcher this year and I don’t bat an eye when I reply to them that it couldn’t be possible without the training and assistance your team has made with my son.
Expect to receive many referral calls if you haven’t already!
Shawn Santos, Father of a Biopitch student
by GreenLightBat, 12/20/11 9:45 AM
Green Light Batting thanks Coach Greg Short for making the trip north to Berkeley Heights this past Saturday (12/17/11) to provide a terrific presentation demonstrating safe and effective training methodologies for youth pitchers. The fact that Coach Short provided this seminar for FREE and did not try to sell the audience on his well-respected services speaks volumes for the type of individual he is. Again, thanks for your time and the valuable information you shared with the group – it was greatly appreciated. We encourage those interested in Coach Short to check out his site at
Coach Short's seminarby bballvg, 12/20/11 10:44 AM
Re: THANKS COACH SHORT by GreenLightBat, 12/20/11 10:44 AM
I had the opportunity to attend this seminar. Many thanks to Coach as he was incredibly interesting to listen too, very interactive in his presentattion and a wealth of information. the ability to take the science of pitching and break it down is a rare talent. Additionally. I wanted to thank the GL Batting location for hosting a world class seminar..
“I signed up for Coach Short’s Velocity Development Camp last fall after being told about it by a teammate that completed it the year before. I didn’t know what to expect and had very high hopes that the program would help me throw harder. Both the throwing routine and the workouts were very intense and specific to my goal to throw harder. My initial velocity was 82mph and by the end of camp my fastball jumped an amazing 9mph up to 91mph! Even more impressive is that I was able to keep this velocity throughout the spring season. I went from an unrecruited high school senior to signing a baseball scholarship to Seton Hall University. This program really works, I’m so happy that I did it!”
Jose Lopez, Hightstown HS (and now Seton Hall University!)
“I have known Shorty for over 15yrs now and consider him one of the best baseball minds in the game. We have worked and coached together several times over those years and his knowledge of the game and pitching mechanics is exceptional. He brings with him a great amount experience not only as a former player but as a coach. I have and will continue to recommend my players to him for instruction.”
Dan Mooney
Baseball Factory Inc.
Player Development/Life Skills Director
" Greg Short somehow, someway now knows more about pitching than even I do. He has taken pitching instruction to a new level of excellence and results.  He has very strong analytical skills and he can prevent future problems... and he knows from first hand experience as a prospect that the Cubs were going to sign until injury cut his career short. Simply put, he knows his stuff... even I listen to what he has to say.  I know Greg personally from having coached him. He has done extensive research and is eager to share his vast knowledge.  If I  was a young aspiring pitcher or an experienced hurler or a parent looking for a good and knowledgeable instructor for my player-- there is no one else I would trust an arm to than Greg Short."
Lee Mrowicki, Scout/Chicago Cubs - former minor league manager...
Coach Short,

I would like to thank you for the time spent this morning running the clinic for Brick Little League. Attending the clinic I was fortunate enough to be having practice immediately after.  I put into use some of the techniques you discussed.  Amazing.....thank you again.

My son Jack, a pitcher, has been wanting to attend a pitching school.   I had been looking around and did not feel totally comfortable with the facilities I saw.  This morning I saw a man that is totally devoted not only to his love of baseball but his love for doing the right thing.  Thank you!

We will be looking into your program soon.

Rich Bilancia
"Greg, as you have discussed baseball is filled with negative people, focusing on negative criticism in a sport where failure is more the norm.  It is refreshing to meet someone that is focusing on the positive and reinforcing the science of the game. Giving the young athlete a tool kit to try and allow them to understand why they are doing somethings on the mound is a rare coaching approach. Coachisms like "bend your back...come over the top....and just throw strikes" are the best coaching techniques the majority of folks focus on. You have helped my son and many kids feel better about what it is they are doing on the mound. By breaking down the process you have allowed the pitcher, parent and coach to all be on the same page. Being a pitcher is hard work and there needs to be a lot of preparation.  I appreciate the time, energy and effort you have dedicated to helping kids in the Shore be better in all aspects of  pitching.  Keep up the good work.
Michael Maguire
NPA Certified Pitching Coach
NYC Hired Guns Travel Baseball
Hazlet Softball & Baseball League
"One of the most important aspects of Greg's pitching instruction to his athletes is injury prevention.  Like a physician, Greg's first goal is 'Do no harm'.  This is apparent from Greg's development of Transitional Programs to help Little Leaguer's adjust from the Little League mound to the High School mound.  Unfortunately too many young pitchers jump to the greater mound distance without properly preparing themselves for the increased distance.  Greg realizes that good biomechanics, a solid in-season and off-season training plan, and good functional strength are all part of the foundation for a successful pitching career."
Quin Bond, Manager of Motion Analysis Services
Biokinetics of NJ
You are doing an amazing job with the pitchers in the Shore area. As we both have experienced pitching injuries while we were playing there is more to pitching that picking up a baseball to start a season. You are providing the players great insight and understanding as well as the proper preparation to become a competitive pitcher. Perhaps things would have been different for us if we had something like what you are providing for these young hopefuls. Keep up the great work and please feel free to stop by any of our games at Baseball U over the summer.
John Wells
General Manager Baseball U
Associate Scout Pittsburgh Pirates
Assistant Coach Brookdale CC
Three years ago I received a recommendation from a major league scout that I take my oldest son, Ethan, to work on his pitching with Greg Short.  Ethan and “Shorty” developed an immediate rapport, which has grown into a very productive "coach/pitcher" relationship and friendship.  Ethan has benefited greatly from Greg's knack for pinpointing mechanical variances that were causing control issues.  Greg’s early intervention and identification of these mechanical faults helped to prevent potential injury.  Greg shared his knowledge and taught Ethan how to identify the origins of mechanical issues and how to make adjustments real time, which helped his game immensely and enabled Ethan to become more effective on the mound.  The effect on Ethan’s pitching was readily apparent and led him to become a top ranked pitcher in the Shore Conference and on a very successful Colts Neck High School team.  Now, three years later, Ethan is going to college and has received a DIV I baseball scholarship.  Greg is able to relate well to all ages of kids.  Under Greg’s guidance, my younger son Lucas has also developed into a fine pitcher and hopes to meet or surpass his brother’s successes.  Silly or serious, Greg has always related well to my sons.  They excel and focus well when they are comfortable in their learning environment, meaning that my money is being well spent.  Greg always has the pitcher’s best interest at heart and his dedication to his students is admirable. I have every confidence that our relationship with Greg will continue for years to come.  What is the last thing Ethan wanted to do before heading out in the packed up car for the drive to college?..."Call Greg and set up a work out session with him!”
June Jackson, mother of Ethan Jackson, Colts Neck H.S./St.Peter's College
Coach Short,
My son  and I attended your pitching clinic this past Saturday at 3-2 count. He had a blast at the clinic.  More important, in my opinion, is what we both took away with us.  The instructions were easy to understand and easy to remember.  A huge plus considering the attention span of a twelve year old.  I agree with your philosophy and the way you were teaching pitching mechanics.  Safety and proper mechanics should always be the first priority.  He has already corrected some bad habits.
Thanks again for a great clinic.
Bob Fehte
When looking for a pitching coach for my son Chris I was referred to Greg Short at Biopitch. It was the best move I could have made. Coach Short's knowledge of the game is only surpassed by his ability to impart his expertise in an extremely effective way to his students. Not only did he work on the physical mechanics of pitching along with strength training and conditioning but most importantly on the mental approach to the game. I strongly recommend Greg Short as an outstanding coach for any level of pitching. Shorty rules!
Wayne Yoda, Wall NJ.
"My son Vincent and I traveled over one hour from Bergen County to Freehold NJ, three times a week to participate in Coach Greg’s Pitching Velocity Program and I must say it was worth the time and travel for my son. At the end of the seven weeks, his fastball toped out at 85 mph on flat ground. He picked up 4 mph during the seven weeks program. This is impressive when you factor in that for the first two weeks of the program he missed a number of sessions due to fall baseball. Vincent is a HS junior and has set a goal to hit 87 by spring by incorporating Coach Greg’s training, core exercises and old fashion hard work."
Joe Luppino, N.Bergen, NJ
When I was looking for a pitching coach 3 years ago for my son there were 4 different criteria's we were looking for. The criteria included a knowledgeable pitching instructor, a hard working dedicated coach, a good communicator and someone who really cares about his students. Coach Short hits the mark on all accounts. Greg understands pitching, has his philosophies on overall mechanics. Greg spends the time talking through not only the baseball aspects of being successful but also the mental part as well as the importance of education if you want to get to the next level. The attribute that sets Greg apart from the rest is that he genuinely cares about the boys, he continually checks in to see how you are doing both in season and out of season. I have used Coach Short to prepare my son in the winter for the upcoming season as well as during the season to adjust and tune up mechanics. I would like to credit Coach Short for helping my son Michael who is a Freshman advance on his "Freehold Township High School" team as well as his tournament team playing for "The Jack Cust Diamond Jacks".  I would highly recommend Greg Short to any parent or player looking to advance their career.
Mike Patti, father of Michael Patti
Freehold Township HS
Jack Cust Diamond Jacks
June 18, 2008
I would highly recommend Greg Short for anyone looking to develop and improve their pitching skills. He possesses an in depth knowledge of the mechanics and delivers it in an effective manner. He motivates and challenges the pitcher, while building a confidence that is necessary on the mound.
I believe he interacts well with pitchers of all ages.  I had first seen him working with a high school level pitcher and was impressed. I decided to have my then 10 year old son Jeff evaluated by Greg.  He communicated well with my son and I could immediately see the benefits of what he was teaching. Greg’s methodology works.  I saw improvement in Jeff’s pitching after just a few sessions. My son could pitch when he first started with Greg, but he was undisciplined. Now I feel his has a strong foundation and a better knowledge of how to pitch. Greg raised the bar and took my son to the next level. Jeff went on that season to pitch two no-hitters!!!
Greg is a good role model for the young athlete.  He develops a good rapport with his students where they can respect and learn from him. Both my sons now work with Greg. They enjoy their workouts with him and come away more confident and better pitchers. I have seen them both grow and improve under his direction. I am confident that we will continue to work with Greg throughout their baseball careers.
Barbara Wischerath
Coach Short has drastically helped me gain strength, stamina, and has taught me many off-season drills to gain better velocity on my pitches and to help location.  When i first started going to "Shorty" I was all over the place with my pitches and my mechanics.  I was only throwing 74-78 mph.  Now, a couple of seasons in the future I am now sitting mid to high 80's and touched 90.  He is the man to go to if you want to become a serious pitcher and a smart pitcher...
Bryan Soloman, Jackson Memorial HS, NJ Player of the Year
"Greg Short is one on the most talented pitching instructors in New Jersey.  He takes a very complicated subject matter, "pitching" and breaks it down in a teachable manner for young aspiring pitchers to understand.  He provides his clients with every aspect of what's needed to become an elite pitcher, such as mechanics, injury prevention, functional strength training, velocity theorem, psychology of pitching, mental training and specific hands on knowledge of how to pitch in a game.   Greg has great knowledge relative to cause and effort and he can teach "how to" but also knows "why" something happens.  Most pitching instructors do not really know "why" things happen and throw around a lot of general terms.  Greg is a master of mechanics and few instructors are on his level!"
Bob Briant, father of Biopitch client
I'd like to thank you for all the work you did with me last off season. I had a very successful freshman season as the closer for Howell Freshman. I got out of tough situations against Brick, CBA and many others. I also had a very good season for American Legion as a starting pitcher. I pitched a complete game and won Howell's first ever Legion Playoff win vs. St. Patricks. I learned many things about being a smart pitcher in your program. Using different pitches in different counts, changing spots and eye level. As I know there is always more work to be done and room for improvement. I'm hoping to improve and pitch a few games on varsity next year. I might be making a few trips to 3-2 Count and Biopitch this coming offseason. Thanks for all the help.
Ryan Kinghorn
I have been coming to Shorty for almost 2 years, and plan on coming back. The facilities at 3-2 Count are the best I have seen around. I won 12 games my senior year of HS and Coach Short was a tremendous help. ..
.Evan Bigler, TR South, St. Joes University
"My son Steven is 12 years old and has been receiving lessons from coach Greg since February of this year.  Steven always had a good arm but was very inconsistent with his pitching approach.
Under Greg's supervision Steven's control, velocity and mental approach to pitching have improved tremendously. Greg has stressed health first in all his lessons.  Through Greg's warm up and throwing drills, Steven's arm has remained strong without soreness. 
Steven looks forward to going to his lessons as Greg incorporates some fun into his pitching drills.  I would highly recommend coach Short as he was a major reason for my son making his school baseball team."
Steve Ginter, father of pitching client
"Greg Short's pitching instruction is nothing "short" of worthwhile and essential.  His instruction not only teaches the ins and outs of pitching but he gives you in depth reasoning to why it works.  I learned two pitches, a change-up and cutter that helped me become the ace of a back to back junior college world series staff at Brookdale Community College, and presently a top reliever/starter at a top 10 nationally ranked Division III school in The University of Texas at Tyler.  Coach Short is a humorous, easy-going, flexible instructor that does not dictate through a lesson but guides which is very important for all ages.  I emphatically recommend his program for pitchers from little league to the college ranks.  He has molded me into a very successful pitcher and I encourage you to allow him to do the same."
Lex Wolfe, RHP University of Texas @ Tyler
Working with Greg has re-kindled the love and fascination for the game of baseball that had all but disappeared through well-intentioned but un-imaginative middle-school and junior league coaches. "Shorty" has provided Ryan with the confidence to go out on the mound and succeed.
Chuck Vincenti, father of pitching client
Hi Greg,
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all the
work you have done with Mike since last winter to enhance his pitching
skills.   As a result of your pitching instruction sessions, Mike made
the Howell High School Freshmen Team and pitched very well.  Mike also
plans to attend your conditioning program in the fall and winter in
order to increase the velocity of his fastball for next year's baseball
Thanks again,
Jim Allen, father of pitching client
Dear Greg,
I am very pleased with the work and information you gave my son Anthony
It has helped him be a better pitcher with proper mechanics. We
also look forward to the off season weight and velocity training.
Joel Carbajal
(Howell NJ) 
"Greg has been a great help in improving my son's pitching mechanics and has helped him overcome a shoulder injury that occurred in Little League. My son also now knows exactly how to prepare to pitch thru warm ups and stretching, something he would never get in Little League. Greg has also helped build my son's confidence level which is just as important as good mechanics."
Tom Block, father of Biopitch client
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